City Living: It Can Be Tough

Some things about city living are GREAT!  It is fun to have so much diversity, fun and food all in one place.  It is great when you find a neighborhood and church you really get plugged into.  It is even better when you and your family are comfortable and really feel like the city is “home”.

And even though the city has its downsides there is one that is bigger than all the rest: relationships.

In this 12 month period 6 families that we have been friends with have or will shortly move away.  Most of them are moving closer to home and a few are moving for a job.

Every time someone tells me that they are moving my heart sinks just a little.  I get it, I really do.  Especially when you can live in the same town as your parents or have a job that you really love or even just have more space.  They are all good, legitimate reasons to move  but it doesn’t make it any simpler for me.

Now I know this sounds extremely selfish.  I want people to stay and be friends with me.  It’s true.  One thing that I desire for both myself and my family is roots. And not the vegetable kind.

I grew up all over moving here and there and really not feeling a sense of home.  Kids need home and part of home is friends.

Part of making it through city life is also friends.  (Especially when your husband travels or works long hours.)  It is your friends that talk through school options, friends that encourage you on the long days and friends who take the time to pray with you and over you.

In a place where there are so many good things the transient relationships make life in the city a little less sunny some days.

To my friends who have moved or are moving.  I love you.  I want nothing that God’s best for you in your new home.  (And I hope you have a guest room, I might need to come visit soon!)