About Me

I think it’s hard to write an “About Me” page, I’m not that great about summing myself up!  But per request of readers here is a little info for you 🙂

Name: Rachael
Age: 30’s
Status: Married to Steve since 2005
Kids: Boy (April 2007) Girl (July 2009) Girl (January 2012) Boy (March 2014), Girl (February 2016)
Location: Corn Country in Illinois!

I am a jack of all trades including but not limited to…chauffeur, dance party DJ, sous chef, Lego engineer, accountant, princess hair dresser, analytic, small business partner,  and all around diaper diva. AKA Wife, Mom, Curious Human Being.

My heart longing is to bring grace to everyone. The things that happen when grace permeates our inner being and we stand in both fear and awe of Jesus just overflows me with tears…

Writing is a sweet joy and great risk.  It’s a heart on the sleeve risk as my imperfect self is exposed but worth every moment when love shines through.

Friends, moms, beautiful women, let us see Jesus in the simple together.

Contact Me Anytime: Rachael (dot) Judd (at) gmail (dot) com


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