WDIDT: Explored Broken #Write31Days

#Write31Days. 1 Topic, 31 Days, Lots of Thoughts.  This year I am reflecting on one small moment a day and why it mattered (or didn’t!). What did I do today?


I’m a little bit of a skeptic. When the world seems to be yelling – do more – be more – live more – it can be hard to know who to listen to, what to read and where to go.

For some of us, we are grounded by grace. Yet, even then, we can find ourself doubting, confused, frustrated and sad instead of hopeful, excited and full of joy. It doesn’t mean we lack faith or even hope, it just means we are human.

Human. Broken. Saved.

An author who challenges me wrote a book that has just come out about being broken. I even had a chance to pre-read some of it. She asks what it is we are supposed to do with our one broken heart? Our one broken life?

Her encouragement is to live broken. To hold tightly to that grace we profess and continue to be a gift to people in the midst of our own brokenness. She says that by doing so we do 2 things. First, we give other people permission to be wholly themselves, as broken or whole as they are in that moment. Second, we heal together, we create and curate beautiful community.

Today I followed her around the internet as she gave interviews and shared her story.

As I stand in the thick of broken, I hear her words and am encouraged. This skeptic is still thinking it all through. Yet, this truth remains…

Human. Broken. Saved. 

Who challenged you to live differently today?


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