WDIDT: Class #Write31Days

#Write31Days. 1 Topic, 31 Days, Lots of Thoughts.  This year I am reflecting on one small moment a day and why it mattered (or didn’t!). What did I do today?


Today I taught.

I gathered in a classroom with 20ish other moms of varying ages and stages, we opened up our study books about the sacred text of John and I taught.

I do this every week in the fall.  I spend days and hours reading supporting texts and mulling over what it is we should learn together.

I enjoy it. It is one of the things I do in life that just comes out of me without much work. As much as it is a pouring out of time and energy and words it is also a filling up of my own soul.

But here is why it really matters to me.

Often as moms we sell ourselves short. We fight the battle of “enough”. Our perspective is tainted by our own fears and worries. And many times, when opportunity presents it self, we say no. No, I am not enough.

We shouldn’t do that. I shouldn’t do that.

As moms, as women, let’s acknowledge our yes moments. The ones where we say yes to something not out of guilt or peer pressure but JUST BECAUSE our yes will make our soul sing…these are GOOD moments.

These moments are each of us stepping into a part of our true selves. The part that was created to mom but was also created to teach, to read, to bake, to create, to play.

Sure we do the laundry and dishes and car pool and homework. Some of us even pile on work, career, philanthropy.

But we also ARE! We are gifted, we have passions, we are life in our community. Our JUST BECAUSE yes might be the best yes we say all day…

What did you say YES to today that made your soul sing?


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