WDIDT: Taco Tuesday #Write31Days

#Write31Days. 1 Topic, 31 Days, Lots of Thoughts.  This year I am reflecting on one small moment a day and why it mattered (or didn’t!). What did I do today?


I made quesadillas for dinner.

Today, I ran. Non-stop. I would have given the Energizer Bunny a run for his money. I did not intend for it to be a go go go kind of day it just happened that way.

And then dinner happened. And it was quesadillas (I even managed to make meat and non-meat options!) and tortilla chips and salsa for dinner.

I had hoped for more. I had hoped to do better. The day just got away from me.

After I nursed the baby, our daughter set the table and I put out the food. Everyone sat down and we prayed and we ate. I was tired. Worn out.

But dinner! Dinner, is like MAGIC at our house.

To have all our small people (Kids Age 9, 7, 4, 2, and 7 months) around 1 table, sharing 1 (very un-fancy) meal for almost 1 hour…that is MAGIC.

Over quesadillas I learned all about the kids author that came to school today and how shocked my son was that she was in her 70’s. I learned that our preschooler got to play in the gym (her favorite thing) but was tired ALL DAY because of it. Our toddler was trying to tell the other kids the best part of his day was school (except he doesn’t go to school) and then my 7 year old surprised us all by saying there wasn’t one part of her day she thought was hard or difficult to overcome.

We wiped out every last one of those quesadillas and we all laughed as our toddler asked for yet another huge spoonful of salsa for his chips.

So maybe it wasn’t the most delicious or nutritious meal we will have this week, but it might be one of the most memorable.

What did you have for dinner today? Who sat at your table?


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