Saturday with 7


Saturday’s…in America the day of rest before the day of rest. Saturday’s were made for brunch, sleeping in and casually catching up.

Until there are 7 of you. Then Saturday’s become about baseball, running errands, doing laundry and surviving.

Surviving the sibling squabbles that started before 8am, the to-do list that seems longer than the day and the internal voices telling you that everyone is having more fun than you are.

Until you reclaim it.

Reclaiming Saturday looks like running errands with one of the kids and making it quality time.

Reclaiming Saturday looks like sitting at the baseball field and calling it community.

Reclaiming Saturday looks like having friends over and making the most of every minute.

Reclaiming Saturday with Seven looks like counting your blessings (even if those blessings are crying constantly, leaving messes and following you around with non-stop chatter).

We only get to do today once, we might as well make it count, even if it IS Saturday.


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