Thanksgiving: The Guy

This week I’ll be sharing with you a few short stories of things I am thankful for and why…today, The Guy aka My Husband aka Steve.

Yep, that’s him. That’s that guy that gave me the silent treatment when he asked me about kids and I said no thanks. The one who married me anyway. The one who simultaneously went to school full time and also managed to be a great stay at home dad. The one who cooks, helps with laundry and has even managed to talk my 6 year old girly girl into liking football.

There’s something about him. I mean there must be to be 10 years, 4.5 kids and 2 cities into this thing.


Thanksgiving brings it all out. As of this writing we are hosting his family for Thanksgiving…and moving 3 days later.

Why? Well, it’s Thanksgiving!

I didn’t marry a guy who is super handy or a CEO or extremely wealthy.

I married a guy who lives best when he serves well. Who uses his gift and passion for food to love people. Who is not slowed down by whatever else is happening but insists that if there is an event where people want to gather around a table he will let them gather around his table.

In our home family dinner is an event, the kids look forward to it every day he is home.

In our marriage every major milestone, celebration and hard conversation can be marked by a table we sat around, just the two of us.

In our community our best friends are the ones who have sat through simple sandwiches and four course meals around our less than brand new kitchen table because he invited them there.

The thing is, that in the end (while amazingly delicious!) it isn’t about the food. It is about the heart of the guy behind the food.

The guy that sees the simple need for food as more than a meal but a calling. A place to remind people that they are loved. A place to encourage people to relax and laugh a little. A place to engage the little people in our lives over soulful conversation.

This guy will work on our Thanksgiving meal for 2 days, will serve it with excitement and will share it with love.

Today, I am thankful for him.


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