(#31Days) Gracious Host

Think of a person in your life you have a deep love and affection for. You know the one. The person who you would do anything for no matter what.

There are some of those people in my life. People I am so thankful for that if they asked me to go to Mars for them I would.

The way I love them is more than casual. When I am with them I want them to know how deeply they are loved. I want to offer them food and comfort and rest. I want to meet whatever need they have and I expect nothing in return.

Then, when on occasion, they do the same for me I am a little shocked. Their affection is just icing on the cake of my deep feelings of love for them.

The one we love the most
Is now our gracious host…

Sometimes I have a hard time believing. Believing that I am worthy of being loved that much. Enough that one of those I have deep affection for would return that same deep affection.

(It’s a thought for another day but how much of that is my own pride and self-centeredness? As if I have enough love to give but no one else does? But I digress…)

What’s most amazing about this hymn is the idea that the One I cling to, the one who gave everything for me, still has love to give. Is there a better word than overwhelming? God comes and not only loves me but gives his some for me and THEN contiually loves me above and beyond any expectations I could ever fathom.

That HE would humble himself further, beyond just his son, and host me at His table again and again and again…

That’s a love I long to enjoy.


Come Share the Lord
By: Bryan Jeffery Leech

We gather here in Jesus name,
His love is burning in our hearts like living flame,
For through the loving son the father makes one,
Come take the bread, come drink the wine, come share the Lord.

No one is a stranger here, everyone belongs,
Finding our forgiveness here, we in turn forgive all wrongs,

He joins us here, He breaks the bread,
The Lord who pours the cup is risen from the dead,
The one we love the most is now our gracious host,
Come take the bread, come drink the wine, come share the Lord.

We are now a family of which the Lord is head,
Though unseen He meets us here in the breaking of the bread,

We’ll gather soon where angels sing,
We’ll see the glory of our Lord and coming King,
Now we anticipate the feast for which we wait,
Come take the bread, come drink the wine, come share the Lord.


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