What We Talk About…Creativity

“What we talk about when we talk about _________”  is our series for June. Words and language have meaning and provide insight. What is revealed when we reflect on the words we say? Check out the whole series HERE.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Creativity

What We Talk About                                           When We Talk About                                 Creativity

“I’m not very creative.” Have you ever said this? Thought it? Heard someone else say it?

This is definitely a thought I have fairly often. My home decor is alright but not stellar. My personal style lacks the style part of personal style. Even as a pseudo-writer type I just don’t feel “creative.”

So what exactly are we talking about when we talk about creativity? Is it a visual sense for beautiful things? Is it out of the ordinary ideas? Is it the eccentric crowd of people we know?

I don’t think creativity can be that easily quantified. I think creativity is a who, not a what or a how.

Somewhere along the line humanity decided we needed to quantify just about everything. We felt the need for everything to have a definition, a weight, a measure. Creativity became those things that we couldn’t clearly define, weigh or measure but still carried deep cultural impact.

At different times in history various things have been defined as “creative”. Technology through out time has been defined as “creative invention”. Impressionists were “creative painters”. Even in Medieval Christianity God’s act of creation carried a heavy weight as being the only true “creativity” of the period.

If creativity in our actions, such as art and poetry, are generationally redefined, what then is creativity?

What if creativity isn’t something you do but a part of who you are? 

No two humans are alike. At some point this means I think or say or do something that no one else in this world does. This is my creative contribution to the world.

Maybe creativity is wholeheartedly living out exactly who we are and humbly and willingly sharing that with the world around us.

For some this means being the fun mom with all the cool ideas or the artistic business owner with the cutest shop in town or the passionate attorney craftily bringing reconciliation and justice into the world.

When we talk about creativity we most often think of some thing that we see or hear or taste. Creativity is so much more!

Creativity is me. It is you.

Creativity is the living out of who we really are.

Creativity is unapologetically sharing the beauty of being you, your unique person, an Image Bearer, with the world.

Creativity invites each and every person around us to live out their own creative life, to be exactly who they were intended to be too.

You are creative. I am creative. Our collective creativity reminds the world of what is coming. Restoration. Perfection. Life.


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