What we talk about when we talk about ______________.


In 1981 American writer Raymond Carver published a collection of short stories. Among them was one titled “What we talk about when we talk about love.” 4 friends sat around a table and talked about love. As one of the friends talks about love for a difficult person the other friends wonder why and how she could love this person. One persons view, response to or act of love (in this case at least) was not be the same as another’s.

The idea is that as we casually converse we use a lot of words. Our words all carry a literal, dictionary meaning. A personal meaning. An emotional meaning. A philosophical meaning. The list goes on. There is something deep and powerful in the words we use.

In the month of June I will reflect on what some of the many words in the world carry for me…

Community. Is a location? A group of friends? People who hold a common interest?

Friendship. What is a friend? When do friends matter most? What does it teach me?

Support. What does it mean to take care of someone? Or something? Is it just giving?

Justice. Should we all fight for justice? Is it a cultural ideal? Just a fad?

And so many more…

I don’t expect that each word will hold deep insight or meaning.  I do hope that as I share my own stories that you will consider your own words.

What do you mean when you speak and do the others around you understand?


Have a word that carries special meaning or a funny story or deep thoughts? To Be A Mom is accepting guest submissions on our topic this month!  Find us on Facebook and send us a message for details.


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