Small Wonders: Eyes


My 1 year old loves peek a boo. He’s figured out how to cover his own face and when he does it is his sign that he wants to play. He covers his face, he peeks out and I say “I see you” and he giggles. I let this go on as long as possible because it is adorable.

What I noticed this weekend was that he doesn’t laugh until I say “I see you”.

After we laughed for awhile he crawled away and I went back to some housework. As I did I wondered…Do I really see?

With 4 kids running around, parenting alone for half the year and the ups and downs of life I “see” a lot of things but wonder if I ever really stop and see things.

Do I see the 3rd pink princess picture my daughter has drawn and shown me? Do I see my toddler who has proudly put on her own shoes and is strutting around the house? Do I see the 30th basket my son has called me outside to watch?

In my imperfect human nature I know I won’t always stop to smell the roses at just the right time but I should try.

So this week, that is what I am up to. When the kids or my husband or a friend asks me to take a look, listen up, pay attention – I am really going to stop and see.

Who knows, maybe I’ll begin to see the world a little clearer, as it was meant to be seen.


Linking up with Field of Wildflowers: #SmallWonders


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