Small Wonders: Walking


Our youngest is just a year old. He is full of energy and determination to keep up with his 3 older siblings.

For months he was an observer. Then he learned to crawl and tried to keep up. Recently he has decided to walk and in the blink of an eye has gone from unsteady steps to practically running.

I’ve been home to watch this transformation and it has been so fun (and exhausting – he’s into everything!). Every day the small improvements and steadier steps make me smile.

I forget that others don’t have my vantage point. We went to church this weekend and the nursery worker was stunned as I set down our son and he walked across the room. She said “I was gone for a week and he’s walking!” That same morning another church member said “I can see those kids growing just from watching them stand, they are so much taller today.”

I’m reminded with each new step our son takes and each new inch our children add, that I have a unique vantage point. Seeing, watching, observing. All the small, day to day struggles, the moments that are shaping who my children are, I get to be there. I am the only one with this view.

Isn’t this how we all change? One small, unsteady step at a time? In our wobbly and uncertain steps who is watching us? Maybe our children, our spouses, our friends?

Often we sweep our small day to day struggles and steps under the rug. We answer questions about our lives by saying we are “fine” or “good” but are we really?

Are the people who have the unique vantage point of watching us grow and change inspired and full of joy as they watch us?

This week my goal is to make every wobbly, unsure step count. I want to inspire my children to have steady steps, I want to encourage my husband to have strong steps, I want to encourage my friends to keep walking.

Who is watching your steps today?




Linking with A Field of Wildflowers: #SmallWonders
(Swing by and visit Kelly, these last couple weeks I have been so encouraged by her!)


2 thoughts on “Small Wonders: Walking

  1. In my wobbly, unsteady steps I know that God is watching me. and smiling….because I’m headed towards Him. No matter how many times I fall down, I’m headed towards Him. And little by little–one day! I’ll be changed to be like Jesus. That is a blessed thought.

    Thanks for linking up with the Small Wonder Community.

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