Small Wonders: List Making

Late this past Friday when everyone was in bed my mind was running at high capacity. When this happens I become the great list maker.

So I started listing things…I listed out how my hours were breaking down during each week (volunteering, working, family, commitments). I listed out events coming up that I didn’t want to forget (appointments, meetings and kids events). I listed out the hours of babysitting we’ve taken advantage of this year and spent time reflecting on it (usually just a couple hours a week here and there).

As I was watching the list change and grow and reform I started doodling on the list. Lines and arrows turned into columns and yet another list. I started to feel lighter, wiser somehow.

It dawned on me that there is something very revealing about my lists. I know women especially get a bad rap for making lists that are meaningless, but in that moment I realized for me, those simple lists move me from being scattered in all directions to seeing my days for what they really are.

I can see where I have been a people pleaser and said yes when I wish I would have said no. I can see how much time I am spending really focusing on my kids and husband (versus just being with them in the house). I can see the things that make my heart leap in excitement and those that make me groan.

So I made yet another list. I doodled little hearts next to the things that really made my heart leap and as I considered the weekdays I made sure each day had at least one of those things in it. 

In this season, this doodled list on a pink slip of paper reminds me that this life I have been given is amazing. Each day there is something that I do that brings joy, not just happiness, to my soul. 

Sure, they are small things (writing, preparing for Bible Study, kids activities) but what a gift! To think that this is the life I’ve been given. Even in the midst of its hardships my heart is full with the beauty of my every day.

So here’s to list making. For seeing today for what it really is and hoping for the joy of tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Small Wonders: List Making

  1. I am such a list-maker myself. It helps me accomplish the things I want to, instead of frittering away at things that don’t matter to me. I rarely follow a list completely but I do believe they help guide our steps. Thanks for sharing this. I love the idea of doodling hearts by the items you love.

  2. Ah, thank you for redeeming the list 🙂 I have one sitting right beside me and, yes, it is revealing – even just the things I do and don’t put on it. “I realized for me, those simple lists move me from being scattered in all directions to seeing my days for what they really are.” When I get lost in parenting and housework with little to show for it, lists help me see the work I am doing, they also help me stay organize and remember to do things, when I can, that serve more than just this day. Thanks for being with us at the #SmallWonder community.

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