Small Wonders: Friendship

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This weekend a friend said on Facebook “We have downgraded friendship in our society.” You could almost hear me shout my agreement from the other room. The idea that we have made friendship less than important yet live in a world where we need each other was stunning to me in that moment.

Yet, while I believe this is true for many and at times even I too have felt the loneliness of friendlessness, I am struck by the small wonder of friendship in my life. It carries me every day.

Stop for a moment. Think of what you have done with your friends just this year. Have you downgraded friendship or embraced it?

By DaPix Studio

By DaPix Studio

I am so thankful for this season where, despite small kids and busy work schedules, our lives are full of friendship, it brings us so much joy!

…For friends that care about the small stuff.

…For friends who laugh with me until I cry.

…For friends who have the hard conversations and ask the difficult questions.

…For friends who willingly lend me things when I need them.

…For friends who help vacuum birthday cake off the fellowship hall carpet.

…For friends who try and trust, even when trusting isn’t easy.

…For friends who love the same city you do and see life through those eyes.

…For friends who invite us to birthday dinners.

…For friends who will spend a day with you, just to be together.

…For friends who give beautiful and unexpected gifts from the heart.

…For friends who will stop and catch lunch at the last minute.

…For friends who see your children as you see them, not as a handful but as a heartfull.

…For friends who persevere when your schedules and distance makes it hard to be together.

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Friendship is a small wonder these days. It takes time and energy that a lot of us just don’t have. It takes patience and commitment to really get to know someone.

There are so many choices in this world of things to do, places to go and life to experience. But what is the joy of doing and going and experiencing if we have no one to share it with?

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4 thoughts on “Small Wonders: Friendship

  1. Sometimes it seems like we’ve downgraded everything in our culture that doesn’t produce an immediate and quantifiable result. You’re blessed to have good friends. I also think it’s important to that our children see us having friends and that we have “friends of the family” – I think it helps kids feel more stabilized in our ever-shifting environments. Thanks so much for joining us at #Smallwonder 🙂

    • Yes! I love that my children are surrounded by so many loving adults and kids, this community that we work so hard at being connected to is so rich. Thanks for hosting #SmallWonders 🙂

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