Kids, Technology and Connection: Screens & Teens Review


My youngest daughter recently turned three. She’s petite in stature and big in personality. Since she is the third, I’m not always as aware of what she knows.

For example, she asked to watch a show and I said yes, as I walked into the family room I realized she had managed to turn on the TV and Netflix  all on her own. I had no idea she could do all that!

I began thinking about my kids and technology. We limit TV time, video game time and movies. The kids don’t have electronics in their room and all of our devices are shared among us. But is it really enough just to limit their screen time? What about learning to use technology wisely? Engaging in their interests through technology? Exploring the world in new ways?

“Communicating is a strength of our wireless world. However, there’s no guarantee this communication will lead to connection. That’s the challenge for all of us.” – Dr. Kathy Koch, Screens and Teens

I don’t have teens (yet) so I wasn’t 100% sure this book was for me but I wanted to know, what can I do right now so my kids don’t get lost in the world of technology.

Truth and lies. What our kids believe about themselves and how they live that out in all their relationships matter. What was I doing to make sure my kids knew how to live out their relationships online?

Once I picked up Screens and Teens I couldn’t put it down! The book is formed around this thought of truth and lies. What lies do our kids believe about themsleves? How is technology reenforcing those lies? What truth do I want to guide them towards instead?

When I become the truth guide for my children my fears and the many unknowns of technology begin to fade away. I lean in to the positive communication our wireless world offers but ground myself and my relationship with my kids in connection first.

Screens and Teens has provided me with a foundation to build on and tools to begin the building. For parents with children of ANY age this book should be on your shelf with highlights, underlines and dog-eared pages. We need the wisdom that Dr. Kathy Koch shares here to raise the next generation of kids well.

Not convinced? Try these quotes on for size…

“Parents and teens are both affected by the influences of our screen-saturated lives, but young people experience the effects with ferocious intensity.” Screens and Teens, pg 14

“Children who are consistently handed phones or tablets by parents who want to keep them busy are being nurtured more by technology than by their own parents.” Screens and Teens, pg 36

“They’ve been raised with technology, their brains are wired to use and depend on these technological tools. It started young for them! … But I’ll say it again: No “thing” will ever meet young people’s legitimate need for security. They should find it in us, in others who are worthy of their trust, and in themselves when they have a healthy self-awareness and behave wisely. Most importantly, they should learn to place their security in God.” Screens and Teens, pg 46

Grab your copy NOW from any of these locations and join the revolution:

AmazonBarnes and Noble, CBD or Celebrate Kids!

*Disclaimer: I was able to read the pre-release copy of this book at no cost. However, all thoughts and opinions are soley mine.


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