Small Wonders: Music

Drums, piano, guitar. Banjo, violin, flute. Rock, Blues, Opera. Country, Classical, Jazz.

As I drift in and out of our crazy days I realize we don’t do it quietly! Partly because there are so many of us and partly because we are a family who listens to music.

My husband is the music guy in our family. He has a wide and varied collection. Our kids enjoy everything from kid sing alongs in the car to classic rock wafting in from the kitchen. 

The music is always changing. A little jazz for a quiet morning, some silly songs as we wait in the carpool lane, some fast fun music as we clean.

Isn’t this the rhythm of our life? The tune is always a little different? Sometimes smooth and slow and sometimes fast and frantic. 

What a gift that our expression of life rhythm can somehow beautifully come together in the mystery of music.

As this little space adds new writers this week, as new stories from varied voices appear, I feel the rhythm changing. From slow and quiet to vibrant and fun. 

It’s exciting to hear a new rhythm every now and again…

Linking up with Field of Wildflowers: #SmallWonders


2 thoughts on “Small Wonders: Music

  1. Oooh. I love this. My husband would love this, too, as he grew up in a family that was always listening and dancing to music as a natural rhythm of their lives. It’s a beautiful rhythm to have as the undercurrent of daily life, and I love how you enjoy all its variances together. Thank you for joining us at Small Wonder.

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