Small Wonders: One Step

Recently my 11 month old went from wobbly steps to full on walking. The steps are still small and deliberate. As he practices, those small steps will turn into childish gallops and one day a mans stride.

It all starts with one step.

As I watch a world far away in distance but near in humanity I wonder what that one step is that might lead to peace.

In looking ahead for our son while we are in-between support I think about that one step that might lead to clarity.

While I study and pray for the moms dear to my heart I ponder what one small step might change a family.

It all starts with one step.

Marriage, parenting, friendship, justice, peace, eternity. Jesus.

Jesus step was into a garden. His one step was to kneel and pray. To ask for his life while simultaneously being willing to give it.

That’s my one step today. As the sun comes up in the freezing winter air, my socked feet hit the floor and my knees fall next.

One willing step, kneel and pray.

For peace, for hope, for the next step.

Linking today with Field of Wildflowers #SmallWonders



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