Small Wonders: X

Today’s post is dedicated to my dear friend Amanda as she starts a new chapter of her story today by adding to her family.


My 5 year old daughter spends a lot of time writing. Not to be outdone our 3 year old frequently asks for a pen so she can write too.

What is often handed to me is a set of squiggles and x’s. X does more than mark a spot, when interpreted in her tiny small voice, X tells a story.

As I was looking at a paper filled with these X’s I thought about my own life this past week. There are all these places in life where X tells a story.

A book I was reading and a small group discussion intersect.

A lesson I’m planning and a sermon I hear cross at exactly the same thought.

A song I hear and a struggle I’m having could not be more in tune.

Am I seeing the days go by as a bunch of X’s on the calendar or am I allowing them to tell a story? My story.

I don’t want my X’s to go uninterpreted like my daughter’s often do when she loses interest. I want them to say something more.

My story, this story is more than an X. What is your story today?

“For anyone who says yes to Jesus
For anyone who believes what Jesus said
For anyone who will just reach out to take it
Then God will give them this wonderful gift:

To be born into
A whole new Life
To be who they really are
Who God always made them to be –
Their own true selves –
God’s dear

Because, you see, the most wonderful thing about this Story is – it’s your story, too!”

~Jesus Storybook Bible

Linking with Field of Wildflowers


5 thoughts on “Small Wonders: X

  1. What a wonderful and important find, Rachael. The X that marks all the places we miss or overlook that together are the stories of how our lives are stitched together. Thank you for linking at Small Wonders.

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