Is it really that simple?

We dwellers of Earth live in chaos. In the last week alone in France and Africa we’ve seen open acts of violence. In small countries like Bulgaria and large ones like Russia the political unknowns are causing citizens so much fear. In my own state and town concerns about the economy create stress and anger.

A very long time ago when I was probably in the haze of newborn life I chose the subtitle “simple words for moms” for this blog. Without knowing it that small phrase has continued to shape my life, who I am, what I say and how I relate to the world.

The world is a crazy place. While we carry this great weight of motherhood we are also not blind to the chaos of the world outside our four walls.

Some days it is difficult. We think about our kids and their education. We think about our own careers, what could be next for us and what we need to do to get there. We think of all the things we want to do and should be doing for our immediate communities of church and city.

Just the every day doing of life can seem like so much. Then, then we turn on the news or read an article and our heavy heart becomes heavier.

How do we talk to our children about death and fear and anger? What do we teach them about the beauty of their individual identity AND their place in as a citizen of the world? When do we grieve the hurt that we see and feel in the brokenness that surrounds us and still find a way to carry on?


In the beginning. There was heaven, there was earth. There was light, there was dark.


We are battered, bruised and broken but live with the promise redepmtion.


Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough worries of its own.


Grace. We will never be big enough or strong enough or powerful enough to fix all the problems in the world but we are blessed enough to be recipients of grace.


In the receiving of grace we are filled up to give grace. To our husbands, children, job, church, community, our world.

As we engage the complex of the social, political, economical and religious quesitons, let us not drown. Let us remember that even the most complex things came from the single breath of God.


“And God said…” Genesis 1:3 What is he saying to you?


“For it is by grace you have been saved…” Ephesians 2:8 Do you live like it?

Want to change the world? Simple.

“…Love one another….” John 13:34

Can you? Will you?


2 thoughts on “Is it really that simple?

  1. I love this… for the things you broke down into single sentences are not actually simple at all, but sometimes we do need to swallow them in pieces instead of the whole body of them, to remember to breathe. To remember the grace of it all. Thank you for this.

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