Reclaiming Rest


Christmas Day is always one of my favorite days. We tuck away our phones and electronics, we soak in every moment and we take the whole day slowly. I enjoyed my kids and husband so much.

On multiple occasions since then I have wondered why it can’t be like that more often.

I have so much guilt about sitting down. About letting the kids watch TV. About not doing something around my house every minute I’m here.

Some of that is just me, I have a huge amount of energy, I like to go. But some of it is fear. Fear to have quiet spaces. Fear of others thinking I am less than. Fear of being lazy instead of restful.

As I commit to re-reading the books on my own bookshelves this year I ran into this CS Lewis quote this week “The leisure activities of thought, art, literature and conversation are the end, and the preservation and propagation of life merely the means.”

I think I’ve had a lot of things backwards until now. I have taken the preservation and propagation of life as more important than the life itself.

In those moments when I really stop and enjoy the leisure, the art, the literature, the conversation, I really enjoy it. I feel full by the beauty and stories and life of those around me.

I’m realizing that to live a life that is generous and welcoming to others also means I have to be generous and welcoming to rest.

I can not give what I do not have.

If I am not rested, I can not give rest. If I am not healthy, I can not give health. If I am not wise, I can not give wisdom.

This year I am reclaiming rest. I will sit down and just breath. I will let the kids watch a small bit of TV that they didn’t have to earn or schedule. I will be in my house without being controlled by its material presence.

I do this for good. I want to be the mom that can focus, the wife that can go above and beyond, the neighbor that does a favor, the friend that is supportive.

I reclaim rest, so that I can reclaim life.

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