Someone is always crying. And it’s okay.


With 4 littles running around, a crazy work schedule for my husband and a desire to be involved in so many good things (which I have greatly curbed in these years of littles) I am asked a lot “How do you do it?”

Ha, yeah, that’s me laughing. I’d like to know which part you think I’m doing because most days, I feel like it’s a success if everyone is just making it!

Feeding the family? Yeah, we are on a meal plan and my husband does 90% of the prep.

Keeping the house? Pft! I’m a minimalist by preference but also out of necessity! My house looks kept because there just isn’t a lot there.

Managing the laundry? Ummmmm…maybe there are currently 3 loads of towels piled in the basement…or maybe not…but there most definitely is.

Crying…we survive these years because someone is always crying.

As I try and throw the taco fixings together the baby is crawling at my feet, the toddler is coloring at the table, and the 5 year old is crying because the 7 year old is a better reader than she is.

As I desperately attempt to get the kid toys from the living room back to the bedrooms my 7 year old is helping, the 5 year old is sorting, the toddler is crying because she can’t find the pink monkey and the baby is finally napping after crying for the last hour.

As I look through the last 2 piles of wash the baby chews on a burp cloth, the toddler jumps in the clean piles of clothes, the 5 year old picks out her favorite pink things to hang up and the 7 year old is crying because he needs his favorite black basketball shorts right now even though practice isn’t for another hour.

Someone is always crying. And its okay.

It’s okay for my 5 year old to realize she’s just a beginner. It is okay to be a beginner!

It’s okay for my toddler to be a little attached to a toy her cousin just gave her. Our niece just started babysitting for us and it is endearing that she leaves things for our kids when she comes. I love that this relationship is blossoming.

It’s okay for my son to cry a little as he begins to assume small responsibility for his own activities and feel that small weight. As he makes it through the stress of this small thing and finds that it is not the end of the world, I pray he sees hope and starts to tackle bigger things with bravery.

Someone is always crying. And it’s okay.

The tears in this house are a sign of humanity and growth. They signify emotional, physical and developmental milestones. They remind us of our own shortcomings and the call on each family member to help and encourage each other.

They remind us of our hearts and souls. We need the grace of our tears to remind us we are human and imperfect. We are flawed and frustrated. We are simple and soulful. And we can’t do it alone.

How do I do it?

Someone is always crying. And I’ve decided it’s okay.

It is in the small, daily tears that I find the life and work of motherhood to be about the eternal hearts of these children.

Someone is always crying. And it’s okay.


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6 thoughts on “Someone is always crying. And it’s okay.

  1. Wow! I need to remind myself that it is okay if someone is always crying with children at young ages. (I have three children five and under.) I far too often get frustrated by all the tears, when I need to remember it is totally normal. I am stopping by from unforced rhythms. 🙂

    • Jolene I totally feel you! (We are 7, 5, 2 and 8 months) Somewhere on the road I unknowingly bought into having a “TV Family” who never cried or argued! Saying it now it seems ridiculous. A little crying seen through the right lenses can go a long way. I hope you have some peace in your own home today 🙂

  2. Oh….. yeah. It’s so true. Someone’s always crying. I’m learning to be okay with that too. Thanks for sharing at Unforced Rhythms today. Glad to have linked up next to you. 🙂

    • Yes, yes, yes. I think the learning to be okay with it is the hardest part. For a long time I’ve felt annoyed or frustrated by the crying. Instead of seeing it as an annoyance I’ve begun to see it as a reminder, a rally call of sorts. The days are still long but the I’m trying to remind myself that the years are short! Have a great day and thanks for swinging by 🙂

  3. I am reminded of the precious verse about how God stores all our tears in the bottle. He, too, knows we are often crying. And that’s Ok. Thank you for linking at Unforced Rhythms.

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