When Life is Hard…


The song lyrics “never gonna get it” keep floating through my mind. It is exactly how I feel about my relationship with my son at the moment.

I was texting with a friend this week and we were asking each other how do we overcome the days when we just can’t seem to pull it together.

At the end of a long week I’ve wondered if I’m even capable of being a good mom to my kids. (Rest assured that deep down I think I can but it sure is hard to have confidence in the hard moments.)

Sitting in church on Sunday I was just listening. The lyrics of the songs, the reading of the Psalms, the proclamation of scripture.

Truth. We have to live lives permeated with truth. And not just the pretty, beautiful truths but the ugly, hard ones too.


This past week was a week of hard truths.

    • It is true that I have a child who struggles with the daily simplicities of life.


    • It is true that those struggles affect our whole family.


    • It is true that my physical body is hurting and exhausted.


    • It is true that this season of my life is hard.


And I mourn.

    • I am sad for my child who struggles and deeply wish I could make it easier.


    • I am sad for the siblings, knowing they didn’t choose this family or these struggles.


    • I am sad for me. When the idyllic motherhood I imagined is crashing down around me, my mom heart hurts.


    • I am sad for my family and the things that will never be.



Truth in the difficult. My hard days and my mourning in this season are real. This is where I meet God.

I’ve spent so much time praying amidst my tears, filling my days with the words of scripture and unburdening myself to the One who carries us all.

And it is still hard and I still mourn.

And this is Grace. This is the beauty of being in relationship with the God of the universe.

In the deepest darkest parts of my humanity God continues to love me unconditionally and in that same place I see Him and am thankful for who He is and what He does in the world.

We can not change our humanity. Our hard days are hard and our sad days are sad.

The beauty in the darkness is we know we won’t stay  here. New days will come. Mourning can be turned to dancing. Humanity will one day be restored to perfect beauty.

This is grace. This is God. This is me seeing the whole truth on a hard day.


*If you are in the midst of hard days can I encourage you? Walk through today. Be honest in the difficult but don’t lose hope. God is in the midst of your humanity today and still loves you deeply.





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6 thoughts on “When Life is Hard…

  1. daily bread
    He Is, and will continue to feed you
    praying for a heart filled with courage
    and joy, yes even joy in His presence

  2. Yes. Yes. This is grace indeed. If we were not broken, we would not need it. And oh, how I would miss it’s beautiful fragrance in my life! Hard, yes? Alone, never? Glad to have you in our Unforced Rhythms community.

  3. I had a day like this on Monday. A day of severe disappointment. Promises were made and greatly anticipated … and then reneged. I found myself tempted to numb the sorrow, pain, and yes, even grief of dying to that dream. But somehow – by the mercy of God – I saw *exactly* what you said above: this, too, is grace. Instead of running from my hurt, I made the brave choice to feel my feelings. And you know what? I didn’t die. Actually, I think going THROUGH this rather than trying to go AROUND it made me MORE ALIVE. Because (although it sounds cliche to say) God never closes a door without opening a window. And feeling the disappointment and loss made me look for life in ways I wouldn’t have if the door had not been slammed in my face.
    What can I say, Rachael? Your words are so rich and layered – I always feel like my response to you is practically a BOOK. 🙂
    Thank you for joining with us at Unforced Rhythms. I’m always so glad when you do.

    • I love your book answers! Conversation happens anywhere,here included 🙂

      I’m so so sorry for your own disappointment. Saying a prayer for a really big window!

      I’ve been re-reading this quote daily “With grace, the march of time offers redemption: lost opportunities do not mean that all is lost; grave mistakes can be transformed into blessings over time. It is never too late for God to come knocking at your door.” (From “Booked”)

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