Getting to the “Amen”

Norah and Flowers

Our 2.5 year old just makes me laugh. Most of the time she walks around talking gibberish, incomplete thoughts and throwing in the word “Frozen” every couple sentences.

Recently at dinner I asked for a volunteer to pray over our meal and she volunteered. Wanting to give our children every opportunity, especially when they are this enthusiastic, we joined hands and waited…

“Thank you God.”

I giggled to myself a little at her very enthusiastic (read: loud) “amen” . Okay then. Not a bad first attempt. Short and sweet. We will take it!

Later as I was cleaning up I drifted back to that moment. Who knew my 2.5 year old had such developed theology.

At the end of the day when we sit down together she had it all right.

Thank you God. Yes!

Indeed! We made it through the day. We are all in once piece (a small feat when there are 4 children under 7!). We had an amazing meal before us. We had enjoyed the good moments, endured the hard moments and offered and received forgiveness in the bad moments.

Life is not perfect but we have so much to be thankful for. What more is there?

A strong AMEN!

Amen: Truly; It is so.

It is true and it is so. We are thankful. I am thankful.

Not to many days from now I will remind my daughter of this prayer. I will tell her she was right. I will implore her to not lose her hope and her conviction. I will encourage her to number her gifts of thankfulness and never forget. I will tell her it is okay to simply be thankful and get to the Amen!

Today. Simply be thankful and let it be so.


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2 thoughts on “Getting to the “Amen”

  1. Amen, indeed! Why do we complicate our theology when it really is so very simple. I love your words here and how they have encouraged me to de-clutter my prayers, too. Thank you for linking at Unforced Rhythms.

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