When the answer is simple

David Campbell Dove

It was Pentecost Sunday. As I sat surrounded by 150 other people we were encouraged to pray our words aloud, into the open. After a few moments and some beautiful prayers there was a voice. Quivering, simple, sure. “Thank you for Jesus.”

That was all. “Thank you for Jesus.”

The light bulb of my heart filled me from top to bottom. YES! Thank you for Jesus.

I thought about this man all day. I do not know who he was or what his intent but the simplicity of his prayer brought joy to me for days.

We so often make life complicated. My analytical personality makes my own mind spin constantly down one rabbit hole into the next.

Yet, Thank you for Jesus.

In the many years this man must have lived what had he experienced? In his current aged state what may be ailing him or troubling him?

Yet, “Thank you for Jesus” was all he said.

He’s right. The world is a complicated place. Humans are complicated beings. Life is a complicated rhythm.

Yet, Thank you for Jesus.

Jesus. Almighty. Perfecter of Faith. Bread of Life. Counselor. Deliverer. Holy. Light of the World. Prince of Peace. Redeemer.

Yes, Thank you for Jesus!

In these complicated times the answer is simple and eternally profound. Jesus.

Yes, thank you for Jesus.



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2 thoughts on “When the answer is simple

  1. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus … there’s just something about that name. We do like to complicate things, don’t we, when the answer is always Jesus. Thank you for linking up at Unforced Rhythms.

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