When everything is broken…


I never really felt loss deeply. Not ever. I had one experience growing up that hit me hard and in that moment I surrendered my life to ultimate Love.

And then it was years. Years of feeling almost nothing. I loved but  not deeply. I was sad but not heartbroken.

But now. Now I sit and read stories of children born hurting, of girls lost, of women struggling to secure the role of mom and I am moved to weeping. The sadness of it all over takes me.

I sit here and wonder why.

Why am I weeping for children I will never hold, girls I will never meet, women whose names I will never know?

And then I am reminded.  The world is broken, I am broken. We are broken.

That is why I weep.  Somewhere between my selfish 20’s and struggling 30’s I met compassion.

My soul knows the light and sees the dark and is overwhelmed. The beauty that exists alongside the pain. Both so real.

It is here I am reminded that the light will overcome the dark. That is why I weep.


I want to shout…

“My heart cries out for you. I see your pain.  It is real and I am sorry you are suffering. Let me cry with you.”


Yet, in the same breath I was to say – to beg –

“When the tears slow and your heart is soft, please let me speak light to you. Let me lend you a hand, throw you a line, lower a rope.

Let me be the voice that sees your suffering yet speaks words of life.

Let me cradle you in these dark moments so that when you dry your eyes the first thing you see is Love.”

How can I pray for your broken parts today? Leave a note below or send me an email and I will cover you in prayer today.

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3 thoughts on “When everything is broken…

  1. Beautiful! I love how your response to compassion is to do something about it and to offer to pray for people 🙂 Just wanted to say thank you too for you for your encouraging words on my post “It’s Better This Way?” Your words so echo what I was feeling when I wrote it! Love your blog! So excited since I’m moving over here to wordpress next week too!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Yes, Rachael. Compassion is underrated so often, isn’t it? But it’s powerful. SO powerful. In fact, Brennan Manning says it this way:

    “Remember the passage in Matthew where Jesus says, ‘Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect?’ In Luke, the same verse is translated, ‘Be compassionate as your heavenly Father is compassionate.’ Biblical scholars say that the two words, perfect and compassionate, can be reduced to the same reality. Conclusion: To follow Jesus in His ministry of compassion precisely defines the biblical meaning of being perfect as the heavenly Father is perfect.’ ”

    Love this, friend. And weeping with you over girls across the ocean and the Gungor family.

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