Transition MEANS Something…

By D. Sharon Pruitt

By D. Sharon Pruitt

Yep…still here…still talking about transition (catch up here and here). Just for a refresher here are some things we’ve established…

1. We are all people in process
2. Process and Transition are different
3. Personally, I’ve been a women of Transition (both by circumstance and choice)

Today I want to uncover this idea…my constant transitions have not been a waste.

My experience tells me that I’m not the only person that has sought (sometimes extreme) transition as a method of “change” and “growth”. A lot of us have.

Transition is fun, challenging, scary, intimidating and life changing. At its surface transition seems to help us achieve purpose and meaning. But transitions are hard.

Transitions are abrupt. They are big, they are often quick, they can be seen.
Processing is slow. Often small, frequently lacking in excitement and generally internal.

(Total side note: God uses both transitions and processing to work in people. It is just my personal conviction that he prefers his people to process. Noah followed God for 400+ years before building the ark, Paul grew for 3 years after his conversion before he became a missionary and Jesus lived for 33 years before he gave His life as a ransom for many…)

When I realized my own life was pretty much all transition and no processing I began to feel horrible about my life and sad about who I was. Obviously, it was my fault I didn’t have a childhood best friend, it was my issue that I didn’t have a place to call my hometown, I was the isolated one and it was my choice and my fault.

Yeah, NO. God’s grace and love is redeeming! He makes all things NEW.

Was I really going to be defined by my 6th grade past of not having a best friend (not if I believe that God WAS then and IS now)? Was my lack of roots in one location going to ruin who I was or how God saw me (not if I was going to embrace my real citizenship in heaven)? Was I going to wallow in loneliness because it was just to hard to start yet again (not if I believed that Gods people are members of a body).

All the sudden I began to see it. All my transitions meant something. They all had purpose. All those transitions gave me a skill, adaptation. All those transitions gave me eyes, to see others in transition…and that’s where you come in.


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