I Love My Littles…

I think I have been trying to deny it for quite awhile. I mean, I am not that bedraggled mom with 3 kids under the age of 5 who looks like she might need 3 weeks of sleep, a good shower and some (more) coffee.

oh. wait.


Yes, yes I am.


And before this stage passes I want to stop and relish it. I really do love my littles. Our oldest just turned 6, with girly about to turn 4 and baby not so far behind. This stage will not last forever.


Part of me is a tiny bit sad that I may not have taken it all in like I could have, but then there is grace. Then there are so many fun things, sweet things, forever things that I will remember about these moments. The little moments matter.


So today, this last summer with all the kids home, I want to live it and love it, every little bit. For tomorrow will come and the littles will be something new, different and I am sure just as wonderful.

Sleep can wait…



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