Every Good and Perfect Thing…

It’s raining out, my kids have run off to the Kid Fun Zone (the space formally known as the play room) and I am curled up with my coffee and a goofy smile plastered on my face.

Recently I’ve been learning about slowing, solitude and prayer. As I have gone back to the simplicity of these practices and away from the over structured self-righteous moments they can become when repeated so often, I have seen love and joy begin to reappear.

So here, on this drizzly Friday might you share in the joy?

With Children…

…as I discussed the book “Heaven is for Real” with my 6yr old he said “I want to talk to Jesus for real.” When I said “He wants to be right there in your heart” my son looked at his chest, gave a little wave and said “Hi Jesus!”

…Watching our sweet 15 month old “get down” with her 3yr old sister in the kitchen. Dance moves like that will be permanently twirling in my memory.

With Friends…

…My heart leapt when our friends hopped into the grass with our 6yr old as he organized us all into a baseball team. Friends that love out kids enough to be directed by them are precious.

…As I sat and poured out the difficult heart moments to friends it was a blessing to have them stop, lay hands and pray over me. Not in my plan for the day but I am so blessed by God’s people.

In Life…

…It’s so fun to open my email at the end of the day to find sweet and encouraging notes.

…To think about reading and discussing words on a page with another woman feeds my soul.

At the end of this week I realize that I have no ability to create this kind of joy. It is all a gift from the Father.


Where have you been gifted with joy today?


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