Just say “Thank You” already

The weather was finally lovely and we had an afternoon to enjoy it. The kids asked if we could take the wagon out so they all 3 piled in and we did.


Not 5 minutes into our walk a woman in her 60’s walked by, smiled and said “You have really wonderful children.” I nodded and said “Just out enjoying the beautiful day.”

She obviously wanted me to understand what she meant because she said “To sit that close and not F-I-G-H-T, I know they are really good kids.” I gave a half smile and didn’t really answer.

Later into the walk we passed a friend driving who waved and said “I love seeing you out with your wagon full of sweetness.” I politely smiled and said have a great day.

As we kept walking and chatting and enjoying the day I felt that Holy Spirit twinge we moms get now and then when we’ve missed something. It dawned on me that I was unable to say thank you.

My exhausted mom mind and body outweighed my willing and ever softening mom heart in those moments.

Before we left for our walk my oldest two had a bit of a harsh conversation on the porch and while I love the wagon, lugging 100lbs of kids was something I had to talk myself into when we first started out. That’s what was going on inside when God sent encouragement and love my way.

The more I thought about it the more I was saddened by missing such a great opportunity. A stranger and a friend complimented my children. It was the perfect moment to not only say thank you but speak words of praise in their presence, over them and about them.

Sure, in the scheme of life it is a small moment, but oh how my heart hurts. I should take every opportunity to encourage my child’s heart and confirm the right and positive things others see in them.

And, if I can not do this one little moment at a time, then when? A big bear hug or a public pat on the back always feels good but it’s the truthful whispers said into our ears that mean the most.

Our walk ended and we played outside and all was well but I am changed.

Sometimes God speaks loudly but on many days it is the quiet whisper of the Spirit that changes my heart forever.

Next time, I will say Thank You.


2 thoughts on “Just say “Thank You” already

  1. I have been in this same situation numerous times. I hear “you have your hands full” way too much and often I respond in a not so nice way “i’d rather them be full than empty”…my kids r usually behaving when someone says this…I’m usually too tired or distracted to just say “thank you” although I’m not sure if its a compliment. Ha! Thanks again for your great blogs this week!! Hugs to you!

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