The thing about blogging…

The thing about blogging is that it is not a complete picture. This is true for both the reader and the writer.

500 or 1,000 words can never sum up a whole day, sometimes it isn’t even enough to complete a whole thought.

I’ve not been writing because I can’t seem to find the right words, the best words, the true words or the most encouraging words.

Blogging is a hobby for some, an income for others. For me, blogging is a small piece of who I am right now. It is words and moments and thoughts that just are. But know dear reader it is not the whole of who I am. The whole of who I am is still unknown even to me. I am uncovering it day by day.

Here, this place, I want to breath grace and encouragement to all who stop by. Grace and encouragement also require truth and honesty.

The words found here do not come easily. They have been lived through, cried over and celebrated. Moments that seem simple or short have sometimes been weeks or months in the making.

Dear reader, I tell you these things to let you in, to open my front door to you just a little further.

What you see is all I have to offer in this moment, our very present. Broken, imperfect and ever changing. Come on in, curl up with some tea and have a seat, something new is happening…



One thought on “The thing about blogging…

  1. yes. while it is true that we are more than the sum of our experiences, it is also true that we are more than the sum of our words.
    or lack thereof.

    thank you for sharing, Rachael. and i’m so thrilled to find this place! 🙂

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