Creating Space.

Did you know you can create space? I didn’t either but it can be done, I’ve done it.

A couple weeks ago I was able to be part of a discussion where some mature moms with kids out of their homes answered questions from younger moms struggling through these early years.

A lot of things struck me that day but one was how one mom talked about how she used her kids quiet time. My kids have quiet time everyday for about 2 hours. Sure there are days little ones have a hard time staying on their bed or keeping quiet, but overall it is consistent. I have always used that time to work. Work around the house, do something for church or punch away at some freelance work.


But this mom, this mom said she had quiet time just like her children. She would read her Bible, pray, journal and rest. 

I heard this and it was just the push I needed to try something new. I have been feeling hurried and overwhelmed, maybe this was my solution. Could I really have time to myself and still maintain a home and schedule that didn’t look like a tornado in progress?

I am now on week three of having quiet time in the afternoons. It is beautiful. I can breathe. Every day I sit on the couch or my bed and read, let the words of the gospel and notes of encouragement just wash over me. I feel new.

And my house, my schedule, it is easier than it has ever been before. I am renewed in energy during those two hours but I am also renewed in focus.

As my children rise from their quiet time I am embracing them and loving them close, instead of sighing deeply, annoyed that rest time is over already and feeling worn out from my two hours of work around the house that creates physical exhaustion.

I also have renewed energy for my home. Those hours between 4-7p always felt so long but now, now they have gained new life! I engage my kids in afternoon pick up, they have started helping with dinner and getting their clothes and bed ready for the evening. I am able to speak to them calmly from a place of love and a heart that desires THEIR best instead of speaking with my unfinished afternoon checklist billing top priority.

I am no longer battling myself because I have sipped water from the well of Life and it has made me new.

You can create space. God desires so deeply to be with you. Recently I read this: “But to hear from God we must become women of the Word and women who pray, so that His voice may lead us as we grow into this role with grace.”  Desperate.

To breath the breath. The easy, deep breaths God intended for us, we have to make space.

Space to breath.
Space to commune.
Space to rest.
Space to read.
Space to pray.
Space to be with God.

Where will you make time today?



2 thoughts on “Creating Space.

  1. So glad you are taking time for YOU! My mornings start so early that I yearn for that quiet time in the afternoon…so I can Relax, gather myself and like you, when their naps/QT are over that I’m renewed instead of annoyed! I started a preschool devotion in january with Parker that we do together before QT starts and it had been great! Gives us a chance together to be quiet before God and pray! Then I dive into my own!

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