Reminded. Humbled. Rescued.

Oh January…this has been the month of sickness for our whole family.  It’s easy as a mom after what feels like 1,000 loads of laundry and more cleaning then you ever thought possible to just want to lay my head on the table, cry and little and say WHY??? And then you find out…

Recently my 3 yr old was at the Dr. and it required a blood draw. She is a dear one with just a streak of the dramatic but this was tough, she already didn’t feel well. As the lab tech began to work we soon realized that she was so dehydrated that it was going to be really tough to find a vein.

2 lab techs and 2 nurses later (and lots of tears) they decided to try her hand. Poor thing was so tired she was in hysterics. It took all 4 of us to hold her still enough to get the draw without re-sticking her.

As I sat there holding her as tightly and yet gently as I could I wanted to stand up and shout “TAKE MY BLOOD!”

And then it struck me…

This is exactly how Christ feels about me. He loved me so incredibly much that he would not stand by and watch me struggle. He did stand up and say gently, humbly and without panic: “TAKE MY BLOOD!” And they did.

Unlike my useless desire to give my blood instead of my daughters, His blood actually made a difference. His blood was the determining factor that makes me well and completely whole.  His blood with stands all tests, even the test of time and heals the wounds of my soul, forever.

And this is how we begin the new year.

Reminded. Humbled. Rescued.
Sitting at the foot of the cross.


After the blood draw

Resting in moms arms post blood draw


One thought on “Reminded. Humbled. Rescued.

  1. Oh…. Blessed Rachael… Catching up on my blog reading, and this one stopped me in my tracks… God is so incredible… Seeing Him through you is so incredible! Thank you!!

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