Constant and Real. Merry Christmas.

“And thank you that we will all get to be together on Christmas morning. Amen.”

My son is 5 years old and my husband just gave him the best Christmas gift, himself.

You see, my husband works on call and there are many holidays, birthdays and special occasions that are missed. But today, today my husband called off until Christmas Day. He decided he would prefer to take time off without pay then miss Christmas Day, the one holiday we say no to everything except time together.

Even our 5 year old sees the value in this simple sacrifice and is thankful.

And I am thankful, for I know several who are near and dear who will not have the sweet joy and comfort of children and husbands this season.

  • For those friends who are waiting for God to add to their family.
  • For friends whose husbands can not be with them.
  • For friends who have children that have gone on before them.

I cherish each moment this coming Christmas Day all the more because of you.

  • I mourn for you and believe in the comfort that Christ promised and pray it comes quickly.
  • I love you, your life and faith is a testimony to rejoicing in all things.
  • I am changed by you as you are giving God glory in the inglorious moments and living life with a holiness that supersedes all happiness.

May the love of the great family of God be constantly with you now and until He comes again.

Merry Christmas.


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