Financial Friday: Your Story, My Story

We all have a story.  I have one, you have one.  Sometimes our stories intersect. How we choose to respond is so important.

Today, I want you to consider supporting another woman’s story by shopping on Etsy.  Here are some stories of ladies near and dear to me. How will your story and their story intersect?

Alicia: Alicia Sturdy/Cursive Paper Style, Martha Stewart, Simplicity all in one.  I met Alicia when she was a newlywed and they were putting her husband through graduate school. I have been taken in by her personal journey to find out who she really is.  There have been ups and downs but in the last year I think she’s nailed it.  Creativity isn’t just something she has, it is who she is.  Check out her amazing holiday cards!

April: Freddie and Jane April is my new neighbor.  She moved down the street from me just this summer. She has 3 adorable little ones just around the same ages as my own. She hails from Canada and before moving here lived in a Residence Hall for guys (God Bless Her!). As she settles into life in this small town she shares her talents for creating sweet clothes and fun home adventures.

Liz: Mommy Said Sew Liz was also my neighbor. She is also a personal hero.  She and her husband have committed to raising their two beautiful girls in the city of Chicago. They are committed to their neighborhood, their public school and just loving on anyone that crosses their path. Their light shines so bright.  Liz is AMAZINGLY creative.  She literally “whips something up” in her sewing room that would take me all year to finish!

Nicole: Token Blonde Nicole is blonde and hilarious (obviously!). We met when we both lived in Chicago. Nicole is an amazing woman.  She is the mom of one stylish little guy and a Navy Chief.  This is why Nicole is amazing.  She does a lot of the parenting, life stuff and marriage stuff alone.  She sacrifices a lot of life’s comforts for families like mine to have the security her husband provides. Her creativity is her outlet and it is endless.

Susan (Sue): Blooming Artichoke Sue and her fun family lived in the same Chicago neighborhood we did.  We were total strangers but we had our kids in common.  The more we got to know each other the more fun I had living there. Sue is a GREAT cook, she has a sweet boy, beautiful new girl and fun loving husband. Sue and her family just bought their first home (and are getting ready to move), Sue’s husband recently graduated in the last year and they welcomed their sweet little girl.  In the midst of all that she has managed to pass on her love of nursing and her creativity to us!

Honorable Mention: These are ladies I don’t know personally but are connected to a few of the ladies above.

Alisia: Alisia Domer.  Handmade bags.  So cute!

Bethani: Clementine & Eisley. Re-purposed clothes for kids.

Charli: Twinning With A Toddler. Tutus and More!

Whose story will you be a part of today?


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