Thoughtful Thursday: Mountain Tops

Ever have one of those days, or weeks, when you want to stand on the top of a mountain and shout out something wonderful?

This past week or so has been one of those kind of weeks for me.  A tidbit here and a little bit there, I feel full and overflowing with things I just want to shout out. Funny though how often times I don’t.

Why? What if someone thinks I’m crazy? (I mean, I know I am a little nuts but what if someone thinks I’m actually crazy!) What if someone disagrees with my joyous shouts? Worst of all, what if someone misjudges what I am trying to say and the heart of my joyous proclamation gets lost in translation?

Can I just say in all honesty to any of these things, SO WHAT! Is my life going to change if people think I’m crazy, or disagree with me or even mangle my thoughts and joy into something I did not intend? No.  The answer is no. My life will generally not be greatly altered.

Why? Because I don’t stand on the mountain and shout just because.  I only make the journey, take the time, have to energy, to get really loud when it matters most.

But what happens if I hold back? What happens if I keep joy to myself? Nothing. I can not pass on an encouraging word to the friend that needs to hear it.  I can’t shine my light of love to those who need to see it. I can’t pay it forward to those who might be living in the same joy and are willing to pass it on.

The greater risk in life is keeping the good to ourselves because of fear. 

So take the risk.  If you have something good to share, SHARE IT!  A good story, a moving song, a sweet moment. In the midst of the heaviness of every day life in the dark world we live in, be the light.


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