Manic Monday: Mom, mom, mom

Yep…my baby girl finally said mama! Woo (10 months, but whose counting)!

Sweet Baby N!

How was your weekend?  Thanksgiving? Shopping? Serving? Here are some things for you, when you have a minute to sit down and breath in life…

“I am committed to the Practice of Speaking Life. I can’t get away from the truth that is this: Words Matter. The words that we speak about ourselves, about our children, about our life matter.”  Sarah Bessey

“…because giving thanks is only this: making the canyon of pain into a megaphone to proclaim the ultimate goodness of God.” A Holy Experience

“You are meant for magnificence, not squalor. God marked you for his dance partner at the big finale, and God gets what God wants. Whatever dogs you, whatever whispers ruin in the cold night, whatever troubles your memory or your hope, remember this: glory is in you, and glory wins the day.” Deeper Story

Thinking of all the moms this week.  As we prepare for the holidays, live our every day lives and strive for what God has for us, live in His will for you and all will be well.


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