Thoughtful Thursday: Stories

“Oh what a beautiful piece of heartache, this has all turned out to be…”
~Over the Rhine

In the last month every day I seem to hear this whisper in my head. From church like testimony to hope of something new emerging out of the ugly, life happens in stories.

Not the fiction kind where it ends in happily ever after, but the real story. Those stories we might label as “true”. My story.

Forever I have looked at my story and hurt. All I could see was heartache, bad decisions and disappointment. My story was my life, I held it in deep regret.

Slowly, when I wasn’t looking, my story began to change. I can’t tell you when but things I knew in my head began to seep into my heart. The whole of my story shown in a different light. Grace.

Now I look at my story and see hope. I no longer cling to regret but hold tightly to hope all while breathing in the deep breath of grace.

Sure, it is still messy. But somewhere in the mess, grace took root and beauty began to grow in its midst.

Friend, let your heart ache. Allow your soul to be weary. But grab onto grace and watch as the beautiful mess arises.


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