Toddler Tuesday: Give Him Strength

We’ve been taking advantage of the last few days before winter sets in and our hours outside are mere minutes.

When we walk, my son likes to walk on the elevated edges around people’s yards and jump from edge to edge. Recently he came across an edge that was quite a bit bigger than he could cross. He looked at me and said “Don’t worry mom, I know that God gives me strength, I can do this.”

He jumped, he fell. (He was unharmed!). I caught my breath, this is one of those moments where he could get physically hurt but also, he was having a moment of belief and I would hate to see that crushed.

Instead, he surprised me. He said “Mom, God still gives me strength, that was just too big of a jump today.” Two seconds later we were talking about leaves and the moment had passed, but I was still pondering what he had said. (Even if his theology needs some work, he’s on the right track!)

I love that kids have so much faith.

So yes, I’m praying that God give my little guy strength, but not just strength to jump, but strength of heart, mind and soul.

What has your toddler taught you today?


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