Manic Monday: They Say It’s Your Birthday…

I was inspired by this post: (Hi Marla!) to list 32 things I’m dreaming of on my birthday today…so in no particular order…here are some hopes for today…some of them include YOU!

1. My traveling husband being home, he is, woo!

2. Savoring my first cup of morning coffee

3. Listening to this song at least once…Born

4.  I’ll cuddle  each of my children for a few quiet moments

5. Escape as many Monday chores as possible

6. I’ll do at least one random nice thing for a non-family member (anyone need anything? let me know!)

7. Wishing  my sweet friend Jack happy 2 years and 1 day (we were ALMOST birthday buddies!)

8. Spending a few minutes working on the floor we are trying to refinish

9. Curling up for some uninterrupted time reading. (Have a blog, link below, I’ll read it today!)

10. Stopping, Breathing in this new year of life and all it might bring

11. Reading Philippians at least once today

12. Saying hello to you all!  HI!  🙂

13. Praying for Michelle and her sweet boy who just had his 2nd heart procedure 

14. Sitting in the play room and eating pretend cupcakes with a super hero and fairy princess.

15. Putting on full make up just because

16. Staying warm with some coffee or hot chocolate after dinner (tonites anticipated low of 30)

17. Talking to a friend, or two

18. Making sure a new baby gift gets delivered

19. Making sure my husband knows how much I appreciate his presence today.

20. Seeing family

21. Browsing paint colors for the kitchen for when the floor is finished.

22. Encouraging everyone to text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to hurricane Sandy relief efforts 

23. Take a nap

24. Squeeze is a fun homeschooling lesson

25. Bundle up and take in one last deep breath of fall

26. Recover from daylight savings time change

27. Have a group hug with my family that includes laughing (and maybe some tickling!)

28. Appreciate each moment as it comes, even the unpleasant ones that are bound to happen with kids

29. Smile more!

30. Stop and pray for local, state and nationwide leaders, please vote tomorrow. (Fun Fact: I was born on an Election Day!)

31. Encourage you to think about your perfect birthday day (if you blog about it send me the link, I’ll read!)

32. Being thankful for each day I’ve had til now and looking forward to each new day to come.


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