Turning a Corner…

I love this little corner of the world I call “To Be A Mom” for quite awhile I have taken a breather. Stopped, found my footing, done life. My family, my marriage, myself…We have entered a fresh season. I’m happy to be back sharing a little bit of that with you…

One of the best parts of this new season is how my two oldest are treating each other.  They can be in a room alone and play kindly and creatively together without fighting, arguing or destroying each other. Now, I don’t live in “perfect land” so these moments of peace don’t last all day but I am so thankful for the small glimpses into answered prayer.

You see, one of my constant prayers for my children is that they would love one another deeply.  Beyond seeing each other as the family they were born into, I pray that they will see the friendship, accountability, support, encouragement and love that comes from connection with one another.

Learning to love the people of the world begins with how we love at home.  I want them to love well.

I fully trust that God has to shape their small hearts to this purpose. While I can’t make my kids be friends I can encourage them to love well. It starts with me, showing them how each and every time I speak to them and spend time with them.

How are you teaching your kids to love well? Here are some things I am working on:

  • Demonstrate love. Beyond the unconditional love I have for my kids, I am trying to do one “extra” thing for each child each day. On days where I am exhausted and can’t read one more book, I am saying yes.

  • Right words. Words are key. My kids are 5, 3, and 10 months so what we speak is so important. We are using words like love, kindness, humility, giving and grace.  As we add to our vocabulary we are taking time to talk about these things and what they mean, where we have seen them acted out and how we can act them out.

  • Examine True Love. I’ve been spurred to speak Jesus to my kids in a different way because of a Bible Study I am in. Instead of just telling my kids this is what the Bible says we are stopping to actually read and examine Jesus life and how he demonstrated love.

I don’t do it perfectly, my kids still fight and I still get exasperated. But it is a journey, each day we have the opportunity to turn the corner.


3 thoughts on “Turning a Corner…

  1. This made me cry Rach. Not because it’s a bad post but because you are doing life well with your kids! Keep up the good work. Love you. 🙂

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