Toddler Tuesday: The Quiet Toddler

Nope, this is not a joke! Believe it or not there are toddlers out there that are quiet or at least quieter than others. I have one, my middle daughter.

My son was out with dad, the baby was sleeping and it was just the two of us. She asked to go outside so we got ready and went out front. As I sat on the stairs and watched her play in the yard all by herself I realized, my child is not only independent but also a bit introverted.

I am about as outgoing as they come. My son is like me so it is easy for me to relate to him but there, on the front stairs, I realized I had no idea how to relate to my daughter in this moment!

I fought the urge to grab a magazine and instead went down to the sidewalk and just sat next to her. She stopped, gave me a smile, handed me a piece of chalk and went about her piece of abstract art. I drew her name and she laughed and just kept on.

Do you have a quiet or more introverted child? Here are some toddler thoughts for the day on loving them in their own way!

Make Time. I find that because my daughter is so quiet and isn’t pulling at my heels I often overlook time that I could be spending with her. I am working hard to make sure she gets quality time, even if it doesn’t include any talking at all.

Talk Anyway. Just because your child doesn’t feel like talking doesn’t mean that you have to be silent too. As you do your side by side activity let your child know how much you love them, use encouraging words or even sing to them some of your favorite kid songs, I promise that they are listening.

Find Common Ground. Communication for your toddler is still important.  Find some common ground by figuring out what gets them excited enough to talk.  It is amazing how much my daughter starts talking when we talk about Tinkerbell and Princesses (I have my nieces to thank for that!). It isn’t the deepest conversation ever but it lets my daughter know that I am interested her thoughts, however small.

Do you have a quiet or introverted child? How do you parent them in a way that reminds them they are a unique and special part of your family?


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