Manic Monday: DIY…Or Not?

So I have this dream that I will someday be able to eat only organic/real food, make all my own cleaning supplies and basically be the perfect modern but old fashioned homemaker.  I am far from this but I am trying! Here are some things I am interested in…any other suggestions I should look into?

by Badboy of Maths

Hair Detangler:  My daughter has crazy hair, also, she is 2 and I am constantly fishing food out of it and rebrushing it so she doesn’t look like one of the Box Car Children.

Bug Spray: We have great weather and in the 2 weeks we have been playing outside 2 of my children and my niece have received good sized bug bites.

Dishwasher Detergent: We run our dishwasher every 1.5 days or so. I really like Cascade Complete pacs but they are expensive (even with my super couponing!) so if this works I could save a bundle!

All Purpose Cleaner: I am trying to go through all my cleaners and I am down to the last few.  I am wondering if I can find a homemade all purpose cleaner to take the place of the multiple cleaners I was purchasing before.

Do you have a favorite homemade cleaner or product?  I’d love to know about it! Share with all of us below!


2 thoughts on “Manic Monday: DIY…Or Not?

  1. I share your passion for purifying my home, especially in cleaning supplies. So, I made my own and loved them so much I started selling on Etsy! They are made from common ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and water, nothing chemical. They also smell amazing!! Pine & Bergamot, cedarwood & Rose….affordable at just $5 for a big 16oz bottle. They are fantastic. See them at

  2. I use distilled white vinegar to clean a lot of things. It is especially good for cleaning my laminate flooring. You can infuse the vinegar with essential oils to make it smell better, but I’ve never done that because the smell dissipates on its own pretty soon after using it. Baking soda is also great for scrubbing tubs and sinks.

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