Thoughtful Thursday: Releasing My Child Into God’s Hands

Welcome back to Thoughtful Thursday.  We are working through “Power of a Praying Parent” .  If you are just joining us stop by here to get started: Introduction

by Mayr

Chapter 2: Releasing My Child Into God’s Hands

Do you ever have that (almost) “perfect” day with your child?  Where they obey every time, are pleasant and delightful to be with and you see in them a growing beauty?

OR do you seem to have days where nothing goes right. Your child does not have a heart of obedience, seems more like work than wonder and you look up to the heavens and wonder if you are doing this whole “parenting” thing right?

Regardless of what kind of day we are having Chapter 2 encourages us to completely and fully release our children to God in every circumstance.

“He (God) gave me the knowledge and assurance that after the initial pain of releasing our children there comes joy and peace, both for them and us.”  (Chapter 2, Page 34)

When we are able to give our children to God and see them as His and be open to His leading, both we and are children are changed.

 “We can’t be everywhere. But God can. We can’t see everything. But God can. We can’t know everything. But God can. No matter what age our children are, releasing them into God’s hands is a sign of our faith and trust in Him and is the first step toward making a difference in their lives.  Prayer for our children begins there.” -S. Omartian

The big question then is HOW do we go about releasing our children to God?  Here are a couple suggestions about practically doing this!

1. Complete this statement:

I am experiencing (emotion: fear, frustration, confusion, anger, etc) because (Child’s Name) is dealing with (current situation).

1 Peter 5:6-7 says that we should humble ourselves before God and cast ALL our anxiety his way!  Take the statement above and pray over it every day this week. Release your child and their current circumstance to God NOW!

2. Choose a Life Verse for Your Child

Choose a life verse for each of your children.  A life verse is one verse from scripture that you will continually pray over them starting now. Using scripture to directly pray for your child will remind you daily to release your child to God!

Ways to find a verse:

  • Check each chapter of the Power of a Praying Parent book and the scripture she uses
  • Think of words that describe your child and then use a concordance to find a matching scripture
  • Think of a character trait you would like your child to have and then find a coinciding scripture
  • Ask other people for their favorite scripture verses

My hope this week is that we can each open our hearts and let God have our children, their past, present and future, so that He can lead them and guide them in all moments, at all times, He is the perfect parent!


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