Toddler Tuesday: Setting Goals for Our Kids

Brother and Sister...before bed chats.

As adults we often set goals for ourselves, our work, our spiritual life and even our family.  Peering around the corner of 2012 I have also been wondering about setting goals for my children.

I am a little nervous to say “for” my children. This implies that maybe I am not including them in the goal setting, have unrealistic expectations for them or maybe I am just controlling.

What I mean is that as I sit back and look at my kids, their abilities, their God given design and the life I know that is ahead of them I am asking:  What is my responsibility as “THE MOM” in helping my child be the person they were created to be.

There are some things that seem to be a given.  I need to love, protect and encourage my child. However, for me I need to have some tangible, physical and realistic ideas as to what this means for each of them.

I am still working this out in my own mind but here is a peek at what I have so far…

Son Age 4.5

Home: Encourage the daily routine.  Really stick to the “Keller’s Day” Chart and make sure we look at his tasks and accomplishments each day. Adjust, add or rearrange as his abilities and understanding grows.

School: Complete hand writing all the letters, writing his name, counting to 100, simple monetary denominations/use and knowing our vital family/home information.

Family: Practice Sharing. Sharing things but also sharing thoughts, feelings and ideas in a way that involves him, increases his use of manners and encourages communication with both adults and kids.

Friends: Humility and working together. Encourage his “leader” like traits but really work on including others by asking what they would like to play with, using encouraging words and inviting those that appear left out to join in.

God: Memorize one scripture per week. Simple scriptures that are instructional and life giving.  Here’s a great resource: ABC Scriptures

Daughter Age 2.5

Home: Conquer potty training and create a routine chart.  Potty training is short term but I would like to help her establish a bit more of her own unique routine instead of just being the tag along.  Since we do it for her brother I think it is time to add this for her too.

School: She doesn’t have any formal school activities but I want to make sure that she knows the ABC’s and can count from 1-20 by the end of the year.

Family: Communication. She has a lot of words and says sentences but she is still difficult to understand. I need to provider her with more opportunity, ask her more questions, wait for a response and correct/guide her as needed.  It would be especially helpful if her brother understood her!

Friends: More fun!  Spend more time with children her age.  Since she is a sibling (and soon to be middle child) she has few friends her age.  I want to make it a point to engage her with other little girls.

God: Memorize the Lord’s Prayer.  Her brother knows this well and really wants to help her learn it.  What a great task for her spiritual growth!

What about your child?  Are there goals that as MOM you can usher them toward?  What can you do to help them grow into the people they were created to be?

Leave us a Comment!  Let us know how you help grow your kids, what resources you use and what your kids goals are for 2012!


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