Manic Monday: It’s All About MOM!

Being 32ish weeks pregnant I’ve been mentally revisiting the idea of MOM.  It’s a bit overwhelming and somehow my negative side also pokes at me telling me it is underwhelming…oh the internal battles we fight!

This week there are a few new things on board!  Especially on Thursday – Travel Thursday is now Thoughtful Thursday.  Think about joining me for a 14 Week Study together.

by wGGta

All that to say…enjoy some great reads from around the internet as you start your week:

Tiger Mothers or Velveteen Mothers:  Some thoughts on reflecting on our personal motherhood journey

The Future of our Journey’s:  Be encouraged that your journey MEANS something!

Having It All Together: “…the Mothers that I see has “having it all together” aren’t necessarily the ones with the cleanest homes, the nicest clothes, the best hairstyles.”

This week lay it all down.  Start fresh.  Remember that you are YOU and there is no else like you.

See you tomorrow…


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