Manic Monday: Announcement, Announcement, Announcement…

You may (or may not) have noticed that blog posting over the summer and beginning of fall has been inconsistent (to say the least).

by tjshirey

Besides family and life I have spent a lot of time wondering what my role as a writer is.  Why do I write and is it worth it?

Recently a friend interviewed me on just that topic for her blog (Here: Person of Letters).  It was a great way for me to conclude my long summer of pondering.

I write first to encourage. I am often encouraged by the writing and thoughts of others.  I’ve realized that online community, while different than that of real life friends, can still be a place to grow, learn, change and discuss. I hope that this blog does some of that for you. If you get a chance to comment please do, it helps me know how to better encourage you, the reader.

I also write for me. Writing requires planning, planning requires thinking and thinking requires a commitment to and solution of an idea. With this in mind I have decided to share a little bit more of my thinking and problem solving with you.  It may be a little deeper, a little longer or a little less practical than usual, but I hope that it is still encouraging.

So here is your chance to respond!  I have been asking myself and a few others this question:

Do you feel free to be 100% you or do you hold back? If you hold back, why?  What is keeping you from freely living out your unique life?

I have received varying answers and I look forward to sharing them with you! This journey will not change the daily features, they might just look a little different. Thanks for joining this roller coaster!

And in true Monday format…some encouraging words from around the web!

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