Toddler Tuesday: Work Can Be Fun!

I hope you all had a great Labor Day yesterday.  We definitely labored at our house! 

I was recently reminded by my own mom that my 4yr old was plenty old enough to have some responsabilities around our house.  With that reminder and the fact that my son does very well on a planned schedule, I finally took matters into my own hands and made a job chart!

Job Chart!

This chart does look very busy but it has a lot of our ‘normal’ day to day activities such as putting on our own clothes and using the restroom included.  I am really hoping my little guy sees that not only is he part of the family but he is responsible for himself too and sometimes that takes work!

We have been a week on our new ‘job’ schedule and really like it but what I find most interesting is that my son has been asking if he can help with more things.

Sometimes this is a little tough when you are cooking dinner on a hot stove or trying to use a lawn mower. However I have been challenged to find ways to include him whenever he asks to help out.

I want to be supportive of his willingness to serve!

Yesterday, Labor Day, we were making home  made pear sauce.  It is rather laborious to peel, core, cut, simmer, flavor and jar your own food but I was willing to try it!

Right as I began my son immediately pulled up his stool and asked if he could help.  Obviously he can’t use a knife but I was using a slicer and all the slices needed pulled apart.  So, we situated him at the counter and let him pull apart pear slices.


My 2yr went down for a nap but I let my son stay up to work on this task.  It was one of the best 1.5hrs we’ve had in months.  As we both stood side by side working at a very mundane task, all sorts of fun things happened.

First, I was reminded of my sons creativity.  He was making up all kinds of stories about why the pears were in spirals and how they looked like slinkys but they couldn’t bounce.  He went on and on, I loved seeing him create so many stories out of a sliced piece of fruit.

Second, I was reminded that work can be fun.  Work done in community can be really fun.  We get to share our stories with one another, talk about our day and support one another in the small mundane things of life and ENJOY it!

Third, I was reminded that sometimes our kids need our one on one attention.  I try really hard to spend specific moments with each of my kids each day but it rarely happens in such large chunks without interruption. Nothing earth shattering happened during our time but we made memories and had some heart to heart time that I know I will always remember.

by googlisti

So this week your challenge is to do one of the following: 

  • Find a way to experience your child’s creative side.  Maybe it is just pulling out the playdoh (I know, it’s messy, but they love it!) or markers and doing something out of the ordinary.  Just enjoy listening to your child explore their world.
  • Find a way to work along side your child.  Maybe you already do household work together or have thought about doing it. Stop thinking about it and start doing it!  Think of all the small tasks you do in a day and invite your child to participate with you.
  • Find a large amount of time alone with your child.  Put your cell phone on silent, turn off the T.V., log out of Facebook and really just focus on your child.  You might be surprised at what you learn!

Above all remember that you are just one person.  These moments are not every day moments but maybe if we focus on them a little more we can make them happen every week or even every month!

Happy Toddler Tuesday!


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