Toddler Tuesday: Do your kids ask?

by Shahram Sharif

Question of the day:  Do your kids ask you to pray with them?  For them?  Around them? About them?

I’ve talked a bit about this in the past (A Child’s Heart or Can You Hear Me Now?)

As always, my 4yr old knows and sees more than I think. It is amazing that he doesn’t seem to miss a beat.

After a fun day of friends, Dairy Queen, playing in the hose and bedtime silliness all seemed quiet and calm.  As I sat at my computer answering emails I looked over to see the slow breath of my 4yr old at the office door.

“Mom, can you pray for me and can you pray that I only have good dreams.” Now, I’m not sure where he got the idea of good dreams and bad dreams but somehow it’s there. And right there in my office chair he crawled into my lap and I said a prayer over him. When all was said he hurried on up to bed as if nothing had happened.

I’m beyond thrilled that this little man knows somewhere in his heart that prayer changes things.  That prayer is a comfort and a quiet.

As I sat thinking about it and answering emails I began to turn my thoughts from him to me. Do I have someone that will pray over me, even in the little things? Am I someone that others can turn to for prayer?

If we want to demonstrate to our children the practice of prayer we must extend it beyond meal times and bed times.  We must reach outside of our home and practice the discipline of prayer with others, both corporately and independently. In all of our practices we should find time to include our children in the practice of prayer.

Some ways to start:

  • Pray at Meal Times.  At our house the child praying is responsible for praying for one thing they are thankful for that day.
  • Pray at Bed Time. This is a great time to reflect on the good and difficult things of the day and to teach our kids to ask for forgiveness for their difficult moments.
  • Pray Over Your Kids.  Find time maybe before or after school or a regular activity to pray out loud over your child.  The confidence and knowledge our children gain by hearing us pray in invaluable.
  • Pray With Others so Your Kids Can Hear.  If you are praying with a friend or small group check with them to see if it would be okay to include your child. Not everyone will be open to this and it should be done wisely but corporate prayer provides a beautiful picture to our children of the body of Christ in action.

If you would like to pray for your child here is a great way to get started: Prayer Calendar

by googlisti

Today’s Challenge: Make a new commitment to pray for or with your child this week. Start small, just choose one!  Leave a comment and let me know what you think about praying for your child and what is working for you!


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