Travel Thursday: Too Busy?

Due to my husbands frequent travel I have the tendency to fill the time away with many things.  Good things, but often “busy” things.  Here is a good reminder for those of us who are doers, regardless of our life situation we need to make sure to sit a little…

by jayneandd

Being busy is a fact of life.   But is your busyness a blessing or a burden? Are you so busy you only have time to do and none to be?  Both are important, but the being often gets neglected for the sake of doing.

Here are some thoughts on why we get ourselves burdened by busyness and some ideas on what we can do so we can feel blessed by it instead!

1. We Like the Attention That Being Super Busy Brings

2. We Haven’t Considered There is a Different Way

3. We Have Confused the Urgent With the Important

4. We Think It’s Our Job to Entertain Our Kids

5. We Have A Choice…I’m Not Joking

6. We Are Aiming for the Wrong Kind of Success for Our Kids

Read insights on these thoughts at…Family Matters


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