Toddler Tuesday: Perspectives in Parenting…

As I mentioned yesterday this week I’m sharing posts from around the web that have encouraged, challenged and intrigued me…

by mdanys

When our boys were preschoolers, it was easy for me to discipline my kids by saying,”You’re a bad boy. Stop doing that.” It sounds kind of silly when I actually see it in writing now, but you know how parenting gets when the kids are running circles around you in the kitchen or slopping finger paint far beyond the paper it’s supposed to be on.

My wife, Toni (who is awesome) would inevitably pull me aside and say, “He’s not a bad boy. He’s a good kid who did a bad thing.” Small distinction. Big difference. Great advice.

One of the tensions of parenting is trying to figure out how to instill a healthy sense of self-worth in your kids while still correcting them. 

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by Biking Nikon OGG

So tonight we had a discipline issue at our house. After getting in trouble, Boy #1 said something about his brother to the effect of, “He never gets in trouble for doing this, but I always do.”  Now we often have trouble with Boy #1 with this issue.  He’s quite sure that he is treated unfairly far more often than his brother.  Quite honestly, I’ve just about had it with the “poor me” attitude and almost mishandled the situation with anger rather than leadership.

But then God gave me insight and the phrase “Fair, but not equal.”

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by cessemi

Another Top 10 List from Raising Kids for True Greatness.  If you’ve missed our other Top 10 Lists be sure to go back and read them as they are full of great wisdom and insight.

Without further ado…

The Top 10 List for this week is …

Top 10 Ways to Teach Your Young Children to Put God First

  1. Consistently read them stories at bedtime that tell about God’s mighty power and love.
  2. When a frightening or troubling situation comes up, gather them around and show them how to put themselves in God’s hands through prayer.
  3. Show them how to pray for those they love, as well as those who need God’s love, every night at bedtime.

Finish Reading the List at…Family Matters

Join me tomorrow for some encouraging words for pregnancy!


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